Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Game.... It involves an Encyclopedia... sort of

There is this game that someone somewhere taught me and it turns out its pretty awesome. All you you need is 2 people, each with a computer and access to the internet.

It is called The Wikipedia Game
You may have heard of it.

But if you haven't here are the rules.

1. Each of you need to start on two totally different Wikipedia pages, and they can be for anything (for example me and my roomate started out at Thomas Jefferson and Japan respectively).

2. Agree on another absolutely random endpoint page (ours happened to be bagels).

3. See who can get to the end page the fastest! (She did)

Look at that! 3 easy steps, hours of fun! No, really, my roomate and I played this game for literally hours once. I know we're really fun people to hang out with.

But go ahead try it.... I DARE YOU
Fun Fact:

Bohemia Bagel is the best bagel place in Prague. (ok this isn't a fact BUT ITS FROM EXPERIENCE)

Liz B.

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