Monday, August 8, 2011

Brits do it better

I have a slight immense obssession with British TV shows. I don't know what it is about them but there just seems to be that little bit more that American TV doesn't have.

These are my favorites:

1. Skins (All generations, they're all so different but I still love all of them)
2. Misfits

3. Inbetweeners

Now these are mostly just from E4 and are kind of just high school shows but I still absolutely love them. Skins for its totally irreverent way they look at teens and the glamorous look of trashy teenage lifestyle. Misfits is like Heroes but all teenage delinquents with super powers and a lot more swearing. And Inbetweeners is the British version of any normal guy's high school experience.

Unfortunately Inbetweeners has ended but I am still WAITING IMPATIENTLY for the other shows to start again.

If any of you have any more shows to recommend I am totally open to it. British or otherwise.

I might later do a post on great American shows... but I'll have to think carefully about that.

Fun Fact:

The show Skins' writing team has an average age of 21 and includes several "teenage consultants."

Liz B.


  1. You are completely right, British shows always have that raw edge, like the characters aren't all perfect whereas in america they are all size 6 beautiful girls. Have you watched the american shameless, not a patch on the British one x

  2. British TV's shows really do have an edge and our sense of humour is very unique :) You've basically picked the best of bunch with our TV shows! American TV shows are brilliant as well!

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